Current Projects

2d modeling a riparian wetland with an oxbow that will become a USACE mitigation bank.
Model Exhibit-A1

Assessing the feasibility of a wetland mitigation bank using 2d modeling in the Coastal Plain of East Texas.
stream restoration

No-rise Certification where Pre and Post Water Surface Elevation comparison tables are probably more important than the Working Map
stream restoration

Working Map for a LOMR submittal on a public works project
stream restoration

CLOMR submittal for a stream restoration (daylighting/pipe removal) in an urbanized areastream restoration

CLOMR-F request for a new culvert near Kearney Missouri

Using 2d modeling to find the BFE for a site plan within a dis-tributary system (canals) in California
Working Map_BFE

Wetland restoration on idle farmland where floodplain lines had
never been established

City of College Park Brady Trail

We designed this multi-use pathway along a tributary to Camp Creek on College Park land. It was an exercise in land reclamation as well. We carried it all the way to completion, which included the environmental assessment (stream buffers), negotiating a corner easement from a private property owner, and project management.